Tag Makes a Change

Nick Martin
Friday, Sep 09, 2011 at 3:00 PM

At Microsoft Tag we’re always looking for ways to improve the experience for our users and that includes the information we share on our blog. Beginning next week, we’re changing the format of the blog content to create a more engaging experience for readers.

New Tag blog image

We’re very excited about this change and think it’s going to make the time spent on our blog a lot more valuable for our readers. Here’s a quick glance at what the new format will look like:

  • Weekly topic:  Each week we will cover a trend in mobile that we think brands and marketers should take note of.  We will post statistics, best practices and real-life examples to help our audience capitalize on new trends.
  • An outside influencer to connect with: Each Monday we will kick off our week with a post from a thought leader with their point-of- view on the week’s featured topic.
  • “How To” posts: Every Thursday, we will release two “How to” posts that will give you explicit direction to use Tag features, build engaging backend experiences and what kind of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that you should use to measure success.
  • Provide more depth: In the mix of the week, we’ll dive deeper into key focus areas of the overarching topic with additional data, insights from the Tag team and concepts that we would love to see implemented.

On our social channels we’ll be releasing additional content around the subject of the week. This is where you can share your own ideas, data sets, implementations, questions and concerns, and continue the dialogue with one another as well as with the Tag team. In addition, if there are topics that you would like us to cover please feel free to reach out to us here on the blog or on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Without further ado, let me introduce our first topic starting next week: mobile gaming. We think this is a great topic to start off with because the opportunity for brands to capitalize on new behaviors is huge, but executing the right way is critical. Here are a few stats from Geekaphone to chew on over the weekend to give you some context for the discussion next week:

  • 84% of tablet owners play games
  • 70 to 80% of all mobile downloads are games
  • In-game purchases should overtake pay-per-downloads by 2013

Help us kick things off on Monday and let us know what you think about our new strategy on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.


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