Tag Gets Some Press and Other Mobile News

Keith Caswell
Friday, Jul 22, 2011 at 11:00 AM

Need a personalized restaurant recommendation? Want to get picky customers to buy a product? Trying to avoid a fine for texting and walking? Or do you just want to read some good old praise for Tag? Well, don’t sweat it: this week’s news roundup has you covered on every front:

Tag makes the news
Microsoft Tag’s very own Director of Business Development, Bill McQuain, was interviewed by Barcode News this week! In the article he talks about what sets Tag apart from its competitors, such as our colorful barcodes and powerful analytics reports. And what was their conclusion about Tag? “More consumers will respond to a graphic that they find interesting or stimulating, and certainly Tags can be compelling.  Lest we forget, generating consumer response is what this whole niche is about.” We couldn’t agree more! (Barcode News)

Tips for courting customers with smartphones
Savvy consumers comparing and contrasting prices and researching products is more common than ever with the advent of smartphones. But how can retailers engage persnickety phone-wielding shoppers? OpinionLab has some suggestions: “The first tip is to put as much information into the consumer’s hands as possible.” What a great opportunity for some Microsoft Tags! Barcodes will guide the customers to exactly the information they need to see and that you want them to see. Other tips include offering exclusive incentives, using social media, and always listen to customer feedback. (Internet Retailer)

There’s a fine for that
Everybody knows texting and driving is a risky affair, but texting and walking? Officials in some states appear to think so. The mayor of Philadelphia, Michael A. Nutter, reportedly denied allegations that anyone was fined $120 for walking and texting, but did say that “violators are now being ‘reminded to be more aware of their surroundings.’” Rexburg, Idaho residents may not get off so easily. People caught texting and crossing the street are subject to fines of up to $50. (Guardian)

Phones can now make decisions for you
This is good news for the indecisive among us! There’s a new app that aims to be the “Pandora for the Real World,” effectively predicting what restaurants you will love based on information that you provide. When you fire up the app, called Alfred, it will ask you questions about your preferences and then make recommendations. And, like it’s musical counterpart, the more information you provide Alfred, the better its recommendations will become over time. (PSFK)


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