Tag Could Boost Safety in Medical Industry

Rachel Tamigniaux
Monday, Jun 06, 2011 at 1:18 PM


Microsoft Tag has had an exciting impact on the medical profession lately. The quarterly magazine Micro-Cap Review has recently featured one Ms. Barbara Duck, author of the Medical Quack blog, on the subject of Tag in the medical industry.

Micro-Cap Review is at the fingertips of all the movers and shakers of the medical industry, with approximately 35,000 subscribers and distribution in New York's financial district and conventions worldwide. The publication recently featured Duck and Tag in an article titled “Bar Code Solutions for those Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Recalls That Never End.”

Tag has presented the medical profession with a unique solution to a series of problems that are damaging to the industry: product recalls. The article describes a frankly terrifying scenario of defective surgery equipment that could have been identified early through the use of Tag.

Duck writes, “Today we don’t not have a good way to track and remove recalled medical products. The problem of defective merchandise is becoming rampant. New products are introduced into the market each year. Some are legitimate, such as generic drugs. Others are cheap counterfeits that may do harm. Consumers may end up buying devices and drugs without knowing their authenticity.”

She goes on to say that while drugs and medical devices suffer from quality control issues like everything else, the use of barcoding could be the solution. Barcodes that utilize smartphone technology, like Tag, allow users to check recall status and authenticity of products with the snap of a picture. It’s a quick, easy, convenient way to possibly save lives. Small surgical centers in particular, with limited time and resources, can benefit a system like this.

The article describes some other uses for Tag in the medical profession, like with personal health records, e-prescriptions, and more. Do you think Tag has a place in the medical industry? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.


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