Tag Appointment Booking System by JayCee Botha

Elliott Lemenager
Monday, Dec 10, 2012 at 10:30 AM

JayCee Botha has been creating some great systems using Microsoft Tag. He recently contacted with his latest project and sent over details on how the system works. I love this implementation and I if you enjoy it as well make sure to reach out to JayCee and let him know.

Without further ado here’s  a full review in JayCee’s own words.




I created a Salon Appointment Booking System for my client Salon Zinnia R& L Coiffure in Parys, Free State South Africa. We were discussing various ways to establish more interaction between their clients and them, and one avenue was to create an easy way for their clients to book an appointment 24 hours a day, without the hassles and need to log into websites and remember username and passwords. Most people in this small town are not very familiar with the internet usage so we had to find a way to do this.


Microsoft Tags was the obvious solution. I’ve shown my client some previous projects involving Microsoft Tag technology I worked on, and before we knew it, the ZABS (Zinnia Appointment Booking System) concept was born.


ZABS basically consists of two modules. A Desktop software program that runs on the computers at the Salon, and a Zinnia (Microsoft) Tag mobi-website system (examples are at the end of the blog post). The Tag mobi-website allow their clients to register their devices once off and then book appointments. The appointments module allows the user to select the Stylist, Type and Date & Time of appointment. Unlike other similar websites, the client can actually see what time-slots are available for the chosen stylist and appointment type for that specific day that has not been taken by previous bookings. Since the TAG device ID is used, the client can send a message or book an appointment without ever having to provide their contact details again or having to remember usernames and passwords. When the client scans the Tag again, he/she can see all future appointments that have been booked for him.



The mobisite furthermore allows the user to save the business cards of the Stylists (Microsoft Tag business card format) and view the latest information about the Salon.


The Desktop Program and Mobi-site both interact with the same online database, therefore as soon as a client books an appointment with the Zinnia (Microsoft) TAG system, it will automatically appear on the Desktop Programs as a TAG-Web-booking with a red background. The Desktop program also allows the user to make changes (such as the description, competition details etc.) that should appear next time the client scans the Zinnia-Tag.











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