Tag Adds Real-Time Location

Abby Wolfe
Wednesday, Mar 09, 2011 at 8:00 AM

Yesterday, we released a new feature for Tag: Real-Time Location (RTL), which enables you to customize your mobile experience for consumers based on their location.


Update: Experts say “Location-based marketing can increase average order value, frequency, loyalty.” Talk about a succinct reason to use RTL!


By incorporating location awareness into marketing campaigns, you can deliver mobile experiences that are highly actionable and engaging. Say, for example, you add Real-Time Location (RTL) to a Tag on a poster advertising an exhibit or event. When visitors scan the Tag outside the exhibit grounds with their smartphones, they might see more details or be directed to purchase tickets. When the same poster Tag is scanned on-site, attendees could view the exhibit schedule or special offers.


You can also use a Tag with RTL on different materials and have it show results based on location. For instance, a restaurant might display a Tag that, when scanned, delivers coupons or advertises special deals. That same Tag in a direct-mail insert at a customer’s home could provide directions to the restaurant’s closest location.

Real Time Location Example

The Real-Time Location feature returns updated results each time a Tag is scanned, so that consumers receive a current, relevant mobile experience as they move from place to place. A Tag with RTL scanned in a magazine ad for shoes will always show the nearest retailer with the shoes in stock, no matter where the consumer scans the Tag.


The Tag Reader can deliver location-aware experiences on the Windows Phone and iPhone, and will be available soon on other platforms.

You can create or update any URL Tag with location awareness by adding parameters for longitude, latitude, postal code (including international codes), or a combination of the three. Scans are returned within a half-mile radius.


What do you think of Tag’s new real-time location capability? Let us know in the Comments below or on Tag’s Facebook or Twitter pages.

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  • Jason

    08/17/2011 , 12:30 PM
    I understand how to apply the location keywords to a tag, but how do I set up webpages that can then utilize those values? Thanks, Jason


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