Stamping out illegal booze with QR codes

Jeffrey Tiefenthaler
Wednesday, Feb 06, 2013 at 12:08 PM

India is taking steps to make sure moonshiners aren't getting their booze on shelves without proper verification. 

Unique 2d barcodes on liquor bottles in Delhi will start appearing on bottle surfaces February 15 helping the government check and see if a bottle is "genuine" or not. The Delhi government is taking the issue serious by requiring distilleries to send all liquor to government warehouses for scanning before going out to retailers. The first trial operation includes over 450 liquor sellers in the city. Analysts expect the program to expand and help save money with better reporting on inventory, sales and revenue generation. This is a huge opportunity for India, which according to a recent PrintWeek News report, is the 4th largest packaging power in the world.    

MoonshinerNo Liquor

QR codes carry 100 times more information than a one-dimensional barcode which includes more than 4000 text characters.  To learn more visit the Microsoft Tag website

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