Spring Cleaning, Minimalism, and Tag

Holly Richmond
Tuesday, May 17, 2011 at 10:59 AM

Spring Cleaning


Spring cleaning, minimalism, tiny homes – they're all about freeing yourself from what you don't need, clearing your space and your mind in the process. Whether you're a Real Simple devotee trying to organize a tiny apartment, streamlining your possessions, or just trying to get rid of dusty stuff from your attic, Tag can help.

Here are some things Tag can link to:


  • Music. Some simple living forums advise digitizing your music collection so you can get rid of that stack of CDs or scratched vinyl. A Tag can link to a favorite playlist on a music-streaming site or a file-transfer site so you can share selections of your music collection with anyone who scans your Tag (legally, of course).
  • Pictures. Sites like Flickr and Picasa (not to mention Facebook) make it incredibly easy to share photos with friends and relatives. Putting Tags that link to online photo albums on anything from wedding invites to birthday cards means it might be a little easier to part with that bulky photo album from '88.
  • Cookbooks. Compiling an online list of links to your favorite recipes, creating a Tag that links to it, and slapping that Tag on your fridge could be a way to de-clutter those heavy cookbooks.
  • Movies.One blog about simplicity encourages digitizing your DVD collection too (hey, one fewer thing to accidentally scratch). Tags linking to your movies means your kids or spouse can scan it and watch them even if you aren't around, without having to bookmark yet another URL.
  • Coupons. With mobile couponing catching on, the classic phrase "clipping coupons" might just become "scanning coupons." As newspapers and grocery stores experiment with digitizing daily deals, getting that discount on carrots could be as simple as pulling out your phone.
  • Instruction manuals. Think of all the paper manufacturers could save – and you wouldn't have to keep track of – if they digitized the instructions for your bookshelf, garage door, computer, and so on. A discreet Tag inside your garage or on the bottom of your laptop could take you directly to a file of the instructions or troubleshooting guide so you have one fewer thing to lose.


Where else could you link a Tag to help with spring cleaning?


Photo: storebukkebruse via Flickr



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