Traditional Media Driving Consumers To Take Action On Their Smartphones

Elliott Lemenager
Thursday, Jun 28, 2012 at 9:14 AM

According to Edison Research approximately half of Americans who own a mobile device have a smartphone. The increased adoption of smartphones is changing the way consumers use them due to the ability to connect to the mobile web, native applications, and new trigger types such as QR Codes that connect consumers in the real world with the digital experiences. Previously, consumers used their mobile devices to just make phone calls or send texts. But with the smartphone capability to connect to the web, consumers are now using their phones to respond to calls to action initiated from traditional media sources. Research conducted this year by  Ipsos MediaCT and TNS Infratest, show 43% of smartphone owners are using their devices in response to television ads monthly. While 40% of smartphone owners searched in response to ads the viewed in stores. The smartphone is becoming consumers pocket salesman.



Additionally, surveyors reported researching products on their smartphone in a store (31%), making retail locations the No. 1 single out-of-home place for smartphone owners to take action.

With this change in user behavior it’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to create mobile optimized experiences for consumers. Using triggers such as QR Codes, Tags, and NFC will be increasingly important for traditional media to make the process of connecting with consumer’s smartphones more seamless.


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