Slideshow: The Best Barcode Fashion

Holly Richmond
Thursday, May 05, 2011 at 11:00 AM

Pixels and printed leggings aren't mutually exclusive (you can even get a graduate degree in digital fashion these days). Whether you scan them or just admire them from afar, mobile tags could be coming to a closet near you. Check out our slideshow of crazy, creative fashion that incorporates 2D barcodes like Microsoft Tag by clicking on each thumbnail below, and let us know what you think in the comments!


Roisin McAtamney's Tag hoodie dress

Roisin McAtamney is a Scottish student and designer who designed, knitted, and constructed dresses and hoodies incorporating Tags using a Stoll electronic knitting machine. McAtamney says, "I will be continuing to develop and use the Tag technology for use in my final collection to be handed in in December this year, so more fashion/digital interface to come!"

Photos courtesy Roisin McAtamney

Barcode Dress

Ludic Society dress

When you scan the barcodes on this silk and linen dress from Ludic Society, you see a closeup of Boticelli's "Venus" painting on your phone. Note the surveillance camera in the photo's top right – a bit of social commentary. "One can imagine that omnipresent CCTV-cams could equally read the 'dress-code' as bloggers taking images with their iPhone [can]," writes Ludic Society.

Photo courtesy Game Fashion


Tag high-tops by Keds

Behold the classic PRO-Keds Royal Hi sneakers. These brightly colored, blue-laced babies are one of several items on Zazzle that feature Tags. $75.

Photo courtesy Zazzle.com


Ludic Society camisole

2D barcodes on your underwear? Why not? Singer and actress Alice Schneider models a camisole complete with QR codes. It's "urban camouflage underwear," a collaboration by Marguerite Charmante of Ludic Society and Renate Christian of Boudoir.

Special thanks to Margarete Jahrmann. Photo courtesy Game Fashion


Barcode mini-wallet

BuyOlympia.com sells this handmade card-holder from Tiny Meat, which will hold your credit cards and driver's license compactly on a night out on the town. I'm sure it'll look great with your barcode dress and hoodie. $10.

Photo courtesy BuyOlympia.com


Sam Trout QR code dress

This hand-printed cotton dress from designer Sam Trout can go over jeans or be worn sans pants, scandalized-celebrity style. A T-shirt version is also available through BuyOlympia.com. $30.

Photo courtesy BuyOlympia.com

Belt buckle

Fluid Forms barcode belt buckle

According to Wired, Austrian company Fluid Forms will laser-cut your QR code belt buckle after you specify the URL you want it to go to. There's a conversation-starter for you.

Photo by Alexander Karelly, courtesy of Fluid Forms


Fluevog Response clogs

Quirky shoemaker Fluevog announced this month that their new strappy wooden Response clogs will feature barcodes on the heel, taking the wearer to a video of the shoe being made. (Not surprisingly, Fluevog was named one of Fast Company's top 10 most innovative fashion companies of 2010.) The kicks come in black, yellow, and blood orange. $169.

Photos courtesy Fluevog


Ecoist's recycled barcode clutch

Eco-friendly handbag retailer Ecoist sells clutches made from recycled candy wrappers patchworked together – and in some cases, barcodes. Its barcode line includes a clutch, coin purse, bracelet, and more. $12.50–$39.

Photo courtesy Ecoist


Microsoft Tag tie

Is it too early to start thinking about Father's Day? This tie could make a creative gift for your techie dad. Also available through Zazzle. $29.95.

Photo courtesy Zazzle.com


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