QR codes unveiling the science of taste

Elliott Lemenager
Tuesday, Oct 23, 2012 at 1:31 PM

Cooking Science: Condensed Matter, by Vicenc Altaio, Ferran Adria, and Josep Perello gives a behind the seen look at cooking, gastronomy and nutrition through the scientist’s eye. Who wouldn’t be interested in this? Like the old saying goes “you are what you eat” and in this book scientist break down the food that you digest down to their molecules. Throughout the book QR Codes are used to enhance the reader’s experience. Sometimes when you’re getting into so much detail it’s best to show people what you’re talking about rather than just having them read through text. Everyone learns better in different ways and it’s great to see QR Codes being used to help deliver different mediums to explain complex topics.







If you’re interested in the book here’s some additional details of the book from publisher Actar

Condensed matter. Cooking science invites us to look at cooking, gastronomy and nutrition through the scientist's eyes and see them as a truly cultural activity which brings a wealth of knowledge into play. Challenging the predominance of visual culture, our eating habits and the pleasure of food privilege the senses of taste, touch, smell and even hearing. Perception and landscape define our cooking, but cooking also has a component of reflection and innovation based on scientific and technological research. Informed by this awareness, the new Catalan cuisine as exemplified by the Fundació Alícia is a major force for culinary innovation. This volume constitutes a unique document of this task. The book 's QR codes link the paper media with the digital media, augmenting the reality and giving further information.”


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