QR Codes Engage Kids In Science

Elliott Lemenager
Thursday, Sep 06, 2012 at 11:43 AM

The ability to make static print materials dynamic with digital content is one of the fundamental features of QR Codes. Applying QR Codes to classroom materials to enhance kids learning experiences is an exciting space to watch. Yiying Lu: Co-Founder + Creative Director at WALLS 360 is pushing this concept to make science in the classroom a more dynamic learning experience by applying QR Codes to the Periodic Table. To best describe this execution of QR Codes is in Yiying Lu’s own words.


“A smart kid with a smart phone and our new Periodic Table can learn the fundamentals of chemistry.  My design includes 131 embedded QR links to applicable Wikipedia entries, directly connecting the ‘real-world’ version of the Periodic Table to a digital world of additional information – presented in what I hope is a clear, intuitive, and FUN design and interface!”


It’s great to see the use of QR Codes extended beyond the execution of marketing materials and I hope to see more executions like this in the future. For more images and details on the QR Code Periodic Table jump over to the WALLS 360 blog.



qr code periodic table


qr code periodic table


qr code periodic table


qr code periodic table


qr code periodic table



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