QR Codes Continue to Gain Traction in Europe

Elliott Lemenager
Friday, Sep 21, 2012 at 2:04 PM

Comscore has just released a new report after surveying 15,000 consumers showing QR Codes year over year growth of 43% in Europe. The most interesting part of the report shows the main backend experiences that consumer are received when they scan a QR Code. 71.7% scans are that consumers made were to retrieve product information and secondly 31.8% scanned to receive event information. Additionally Comscore shows that slower countries to adopt the use of scanning QR Codes such as Spain, is up 218% over last year’s usage. UK tops the chart of QR Code scanning in Q2 having 3.3 Million consumer scanning QR Codes. If you’re a data junky take a look at tables below and if you need additional information click on the link above.




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