QR codes as an admittance stamp

Elliott Lemenager
Thursday, Aug 09, 2012 at 11:05 AM

Turquoise Cottage a bar in New Delhi used QR Codes as an admittance stamp as a way to interact with their customers. Using a stamp with a QR Code imprint on it to grant admission to patrons Turquoise Cottage created an innovative backend experience that many small businesses should learn to leverage. Since all customers required an admittance stamp to the bar, Turquoise Cottage created a QR Code that engaged their customers throughout the night. When a customer scanned the QR Code throughout the night they were able to receive bar offers, special discounts, call taxies and even the next day the QR Code gave their patrons unique hangover tips.


This campaign was built specifically for their customer base and I would be very interested to see if other small business could create such an engaging experience for their customers using QR Codes that are time specific.



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