QR Code Tracking

Elliott Lemenager
Thursday, Mar 22, 2012 at 9:56 AM

As a marketer, data is your friend. And with Microsoft Tag platform there are three different levels of qr code tracking that will allow you to get the concrete numbers you need. The three different levels of qr code tracking include the Tag Manager Reports, the Tag Dashboard and the Tag Scan Data API allowing you to import data into your existing reporting systems.


Tag Manager Reports

The first level of qr code tracking on the Microsoft Tag platform is the Tag manager Reports. With Tag Manager you can view (and chart):

  • Frequency – how many times a qr code (or group of them) has been scanned.

  • Time frame – how many scans each qr code receives each day and overall.

  • Geography – where each qr code touch point has been scanned, which can be represented on a Heat Map.

Here are two quick examples of what the qr code tracking reports in the Tag Manager look like.


Tag Manager Heatmap


Microsoft Tag manager repoort


Tag Dashboard

Now, if you’re looking for more data on your qr code campaigns then the Tag Dashboard might be your fit. The Tag Dashboard will allow you to slice and dice a variety of different data sources from your qr code touch points and present the results in multiple different ways.


1. Summary – this displays the top metrics across all your Tag recognition technologies


Summary Tag reporting paage 


2. Scans – displays the number of scans by new and all users (devices)


Scans Tag reporting dashboard 


3. Tags – displays the number of scans and new users by category and particular recognition type


tags tag reporting dashboard



4. Platforms – displays the number of scans by mobile platform (e.g. iOS, Android, etc)


platforms tag reporting dashboard


5. Sources – displays the number of scans from a particular source including Shared or Featured within the Tag app


sources tag reporting dashboard 


Tag Scan Data API

The Tag Scan Data API provides additional metrics than what you receive from Tag Manager reports, giving you an even richer view of your Tags’ performance. (Please keep in mind that the Tag Scan Data API is currently in Beta.)


There is a bunch of information that you can receive to get the lowdown on your Tags. Here are some highlights of the XML elements that Tag services collects:


  • Source—This tells you how your users interacted with your content and is especially helpful when measuring interactions from users of our new iPhone and Android apps. You’ll be able to see if your users consumed your content through a Scan, through accessing previous Tag data from their History, or even from the Featured Tags section in our new apps. You can also see how many times your Tag has been Shared with social networks using our new app.

  • ClientScanTime—Shows the date/time of when a particular device has scanned a Tag.

  • Platform—Specifies the device platform; for example, iPhone, Android, etc.

 To begin using Tag Scan Data API, you must first apply for the API token. The process is simple. Just create a Tag Manager account using your Windows Live ID. Then send us an email with your Windows Live ID account to tagkey@microsoft.com to request your token. Once you get the token you can start managing all that data from your Tag campaign.

Recent Comments
  • Rachel

    03/22/2012 , 1:23 PM
    How do you access the dashboard features? Is it a paid plan?
  • Elliott

    03/26/2012 , 5:04 PM
    Rachel, you can access the dashboard features when you are logged into your tag manager account. Once you're logged in to your tag manager account click on "reports". In there you'll be able to download the add in for the dashboard reporting and yes everything that i talk about in the blog post is free. let me know if you have any other questions!
  • sandy

    03/27/2012 , 4:39 PM
    How do you select date field in the heat map? I want to see people in the heat map for March but it includes everyone.
  • Elliott

    03/28/2012 , 2:20 PM
    Sandy - for the tag manager reporting we do not currently have that feature however in the dashboard and the API you can pull the Lat - Log and time frame to get those details.
  • Jim

    03/29/2012 , 2:55 PM
    How long does it take to update the reports? I know my tag was scanned at least 10 time today but the report shows 0? Is it instantly, within an hour or overnight? Thanks
  • Elliott

    04/03/2012 , 10:33 AM
    Jim, if you're looking at the heat map the Tag has to have at least 20 scans to populate. Let me know if you have any other questions.


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