QR Code Interactive Art

Elliott Lemenager
Tuesday, Nov 27, 2012 at 4:05 PM

There’s been some pretty creative commercial QR Code implementations however, I think this art installation can provide some good fodder for marketers. Flourish an interactive installation where pedestrians can actually interact and create with the public display through their mobile devices. When a person passes by the installation they are invited to download a web-app through scanning a QR Code. Once the app is downloaded they can draw flowers that will appear in the installation.


 The aim of the project was to slow-down pedestrians by giving them control of the beautiful visualization. I think this is very key when implementing any QR Code campaign. Instead of talking at consumers invite them into an experience that they will have fun in and enjoy the experience.


flourish from Sebastian Sadowski on Vimeo.




Roland Heuger, Sebastian Sadowski und Florian Schulz are Berlin / New York based freelance Interaction Designers and Interfacedesign Students at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, Germany.



Monika Hoinkis from FHP, University of Applied Sciences Potsdam. Further information about the research topic at http://interface.fh-potsdam.de/publicdisplays


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