QR Code Beer Bottles Double Sales for Singapore Bar

Elliott Lemenager
Wednesday, Sep 19, 2012 at 2:08 PM

Here’s a use of QR Codes that’s a bit off of the beaten path. Harry’s bar in Singapore wanted to find a creative way to increase beer sales during their happy hour. So they decided on creating qr code beer bottles for singles. When a beer was purchased the bottles had a neck hanger on them that included a qr code. The customer could scan the qr code and put a message behind it and send the beer with the neck hanger to another patron in the bar. The recipient of the beer could then scan the qr code as well revealing the message from the person that bought them the beer. Seems a little cheese? Well, Harry’s double their sales of beer to men during their happy hour compared to regular sales. I have to say it’s not a bad idea at all.




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