NFC Beyond Mobile Payments

Elliott Lemenager
Tuesday, Jan 17, 2012 at 1:08 PM

The past couple of weeks we’ve released a variety of scenarios on how NFC can be used. Today I wanted to show some examples beyond mobile payments where you can see NFC in action.


Instead of just looking at a small screen and pressing buttons, NFC is breeding a new class of "tangible" mobile games that let you have fun -- naturally -- in the real world with physical objects, just as you would when playing traditional family and party games.  Previously I posted on how NFC mobile gaming makes simple real-life games interactive explaining how restaurants could leverage this technology and now you can see it in action.



Beyond gaming NFC can be implemented in many utilitarian settings. Lockitron lets you unlock or lock your door from your phone, instantly share virtual keys with friends and family and do it all from anywhere in the world.



The Stanford mobile social lab has released some great scenarios how NFC can be used to connect your mobile device with your TV. I wouldn’t be surprised in the near future we’ll be seeing more applications for NFC to connect your mobile devices with appliances and electronics within your home.



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