NFC and 2dbarcodes for Events

Elliott Lemenager
Wednesday, Dec 21, 2011 at 11:41 AM

Earlier I posted on the possibilities of NFC and today we’ve got the first of five examples of how NFC can be used in a real-life campaign. One of the great ways to leverage NFC and 2D barcode technology is to pair them together and provide your customers with a frictionless mobile experience. Today we are going to cover tradeshows, but check back for other great scenarios and suggestions for reaching your customers.

Tradeshows have a number of bottlenecks that can be alleviated through paperless processing. Implementing a digital experience can streamline your attendees experience through check-in, navigation, gathering information and even purchasing products. The following infographic visualizes how this process can work.



What other ways do you think NFC and 2dbarcodes can be implemented in a tradeshow that could make it a smoother operation for your attendees? Let us know with your comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.


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