Microsoft Tag Reporting Dashboard

Elliott Lemenager
Tuesday, Jan 24, 2012 at 2:59 PM

If you can’t measure something you can’t improve it. That’s true for many things in life, but particularly for marketing campaigns, and even more particularly, mobile barcoding campaigns.  You can spend countless hours and dollars trying to figure out how to measure the effectiveness of your 2d barcode campaign. With the addition of NFC and QR to the Tag platform we’ve released a new reporting dashboard giving you great insight into your campaign. What’s great about this new reporting dashboard is that it gives you extensive details on your campaign that are not available in Tag Manager it doesn’t require any programming knowledge to use.


So what does this new reporting dashboard offer? It gives the below metrics in a pre-canned set of reports in Excel. Broken out across five different worksheets, you can gain critical insights into your campaign simply by opening your workbook and hitting refresh. The five worksheets are grouped as follows:


1. Summary – this displays the top metrics across all your Tag recognition technologies


Summary Tag reporting paage 


2. Scans – displays the number of scans by new and all users (devices)


Scans Tag reporting dashboard 


3. Tags – displays the number of scans and new users by category and particular recognition type


tags tag reporting dashboard



4. Platforms – displays the number of scans by mobile platform (e.g. iOS, Android, etc)


platforms tag reporting dashboard


5. Sources – displays the number of scans from a particular source including Shared or Featured within the Tag app


sources tag reporting dashboard 

Here are all the metrics that are captured:

  • Scan ID
  • Scan Time At Client
  • Scan Time At Server
  • Tag State
  • Tag Name
  • Experience URL
  • Category
  • Culture
  • Device User Agent
  • Device ID
  • LatLong
  • Operator
  • Platform
  • Platform Version
  • Application ID
  • Application SDK Version
  • Scan Source
  • Referring Application

 What Tag tools do you find the most helpful for measuring your mobile marketing campaign? Let us know with your comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.

Recent Comments
  • David

    02/22/2012 , 11:24 AM
    These are GREAT reports. Is there a way that I can set these reports up to be sent directly to my clients without them having to log into my Tag account? It would be great to have the ability to either have the reports sent directly or setup an ID that allows them to log in and get the reports on their own (without having access to my Tag account).
  • Elliott

    02/22/2012 , 11:48 AM
    David, thanks for reaching out. I'll follow up with your suggestions with the team. I'll also ping a couple of our Tag influencers that have building some creative functionality with our API and SDK that might have a quick fix for you.


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