New Feature For Tag Creation API

Nicole Peterson
Tuesday, Feb 07, 2012 at 11:57 AM

This week we launched a new feature for our Creation API users that will make organizing your Tags a little easier. We’ve added the Public Title field to the API, which lets you assign both a private (internal) and Public name to each Tag. The Public name is what is displayed in a user’s history once they scan your Tag, but the private name will only be visible to you.


You can see how to use the new field in our API documentation under the Creating a Tag section.


One thing to note on this new field and how it’s viewed in the Tag Dashboard. When reviewing scan history for a particular Tag, the Dashboard will add a record for both the Private and Public title. This means to get the total scan count, you should select both titles on the Summary tab under the “Tag Name” field. Also, after a Public name is added to a Tag, all scans after that date will be added to that record in the Dashboard; the private title record will stop receiving scan data in the Dashboard once the Public title is added.


Microsoft Tag Data workbook - Summary



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