Nerdindustries QRmovie's Gains Momentum

Elliott lemenager
Tuesday, Oct 09, 2012 at 1:48 PM

In July I covered Nerdindustries, a German creative lab, that developed a QRmovie tool allowing QR Codes to integrate with video footage. It's a very innovative concept and I'm glad to share the news that they're gaining momentum. Mathias from Nerdindustries recently reached out to me to share the good news on three great examples on how QRmovies are gaining traction.

I'll leave the descriptions of the executions in Mathias's own words.


"The first one is for the Staedelmuseum in Frankfurt. One of the most famous museums in germany. Right now they are hosting an exhibition for "Schwarze Romantik" which means something like "dark romance". The following QRmovie has been made for this special exhibition and it is seen all over Frankfurt on digital displays as well as cinema screens. The first few seconds in this video are showing some paintings from the exhibition as well as a poem. The Ending is an animated QRmovie that contains a swarm of bats flying through it. The code is leading to the website where visitors are able to get tickets for this exhibition."


QRmovie St├Ądel / Schwarze Romantik from Nerdindustries on Vimeo.


"Next QRmovie has been made for e.on. One of germanys biggest energy companys. This tv commercial is for clean energy and it has been broadcasted on national television. As you can see here, the QRmovie has been integrated constantly. So viewers are able to scan the code while watching the commercial."


QRmovie eon commercial from Nerdindustries on Vimeo.


"Last case has been made for Red Bull. For their event "Red Bull Flugtag" which is a huge Red Bull event in Austria and Germany as well. This QRmovie was shown on huge digital screens at the event as well as on television during the live broadcast. It has been shown every half an hour. More than 300 viewers have scanned the code. Behind the code there was a mobile website including a live streaming out of the backstage area."


Red Bull QRmovie from Nerdindustries on Vimeo.


Thanks for the update Mathias! Keep up the great work and we can't wait to see some more of your great executions.


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