Moving QR Codes Integrate With Video Footage

Elliott Lemenager
Thursday, Jul 05, 2012 at 10:44 AM

Nerdindustries a German creative lab has taken QR Codes to the next level. Developing a plugin for Adobe After Effects, Nerdindustires has been able to create QR Codes that integrate with moving images. The QR Code acts as an overlay in a video and as images move throughout a video they are still visible through the QR Code. A real-time custom designed QR Code is the best way to explain how these dynamic QR Codes work. Honestly, when I first watched the video I was quite skeptical if they would be able to scan. To my surprise they scan just fine, I did have to enlarge the video to full screen on my laptop but when I did they were easily picked up by the Microsoft Tag Reader.


I have to tip my hat to Nerdindustries because I haven’t seen anything come close before to these dynamic QR Codes. Keep up the good work guys and I’m excited to see if you continue your experimentation with QR Codes in the future.


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  • Bronwyn

    08/11/2012 , 9:31 AM
    WOW! If this did not make anyone in marketing sit up and take notice, then they should be fired.


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