Mobile Tips for Small Businesses and More

Keith Caswell
Friday, Jun 10, 2011 at 10:00 AM



From protesters spreading their message with 2D barcodes to tips for small businesses, get this mobile news while it’s hot and fresh off the digital presses:


The business of being mobile

Do you run a small business? Are you wondering how mobile can help it succeed? This week, Mashable has a nifty and beautiful infographic by QuickBooks/Intuit outlining a few ways small businesses are deriving a competitive advantage from mobile technology. Businesses are using a multitude of apps in order to save time, increase efficiency, cut costs, and more. (Mashable)


The unmet demand for barcodes

According to a recent survey by Demandware, there's a large gap between what consumers expect from retailers regarding m-commerce and what retailers actually provide. Of particular interest for us here at Microsoft Tag was the statistic that “54% of consumers would like the ability to scan barcodes in magazines or catalogs that link to mobile websites, but only 12% of retailers offer this feature.” Jump on the Tag train, retailers! (Internet Retailer)


The revolution will be mobilized

Old and busted: sandwich boards and protest signs. New hotness: protest barcodes. Protesters at the Worldwide Developers Conference this past week wore 2d barcodes on their chests that attendees could scan with their smartphones and then watch a YouTube video. Oh, and they also happened to be dressed in colorful spandex body suits. (2D Code)


Scavenging for 2D barcodes

Two weeks ago we were all about the scavenger hunts. Well, here’s one more for good measure, just in case you really like hunting and scavenging. The Ford Motor Company is using mobile barcodes for its “Ford Focus Hunt” campaign at Internet Week in New York City. By scanning the codes, participants can be entered to win a prize pack that will take one lucky winner to the Webby Awards in style. (Mobile Marketer)


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