Mobile Tagging Best Practices and Other News

Keith Caswell
Friday, May 20, 2011 at 10:28 AM

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Here are some nutritious morsels from this week’s mobile marketing news:


Mobile tagging best practices

Mobile Marketer has highlighted some recent examples of how companies have best used mobile tagging. From luxury department stores using QR codes to engage consumers to Chivas Regal using barcodes to snap up digitally inclined whiskey drinkers, you’ll find a lot of useful ideas for how mobile tagging can supplement your advertising and connect with consumers. (Mobile Marketer)


Optimizing your marketing collateral for mobile

Smartphone ownership is exploding, and designers and advertisers are going to need to keep up with changes in the way that customers experience the web. Basically, your company and marketing materials need to be mobile-optimized. Mashable has you covered with some tips. Basically, keep it simple – make your mobile site uncomplicated, accessible, and purpose-driven. (Mashable)


A mobile Craigslist-killer?

A new mobile app with a funny name launched the other day and is looking to edge out some business from Craigslist. Zaarly is an iPhone app that helps users buy and sell within their community in real-time: find a product or service you need, bargain with the seller, then pay for it—all right within the app itself. (PSFK)


Google addresses Android security woes

A German study revealed this week that 99 percent of phones that operate on Android are vulnerable to attacks over open Wi-Fi networks. The vulnerability occurs because Android phones store login information locally for services like Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail, allowing a third party access to the information over the same Wi-Fi network. Google began to roll out a fix for the security flaw on Wednesday. (Business Insider)


What else was notable this week? Did the news give you any great Tag ideas? Let us know in the comments below or on Tag’s Facebook or Twitter pages.


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