Mobile Payment Services Grow and More News

Keith Caswell
Friday, Jun 03, 2011 at 10:00 AM

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Here's the notable mobile marketing and tagging news from this week:

Will mobile payments kill cash?

There have been a number of mobile payment announcements lately that may seem to herald the end of paper (and plastic) currency as we know it. Orange unveiled its QuickTap service enabling British shoppers to pay for purchases by waving enabled mobile devices at a contactless reader that allows the phone to send payment. Another British company, O2, is poised to launch a similar product this fall. (PSFK)

Smart wedding invitations

A geeky, mobile-savvy couple recently put 2D barcodes on their wedding invitations to direct potential attendees to their ceremony’s website and to add the event to phone calendars. The future bride’s only complaint? QR codes are too ugly. It’s a shame she already sent them out—she could have used custom Tags with whatever design or image suited her matrimonial fancy. (All Things Digital)

Core elements of mobile ad campaigns

What are the core elements of successful mobile ad campaigns? A recent Mobile Marketer piece instructs marketers to add utility for the customer, like delivering ads or other content relevant to users’ locations (which, handily, you can do with Tag). And as author Will Price writes, incorporating social elements "will have the best chance of earning credibility or even going viral, and these ads are easy to create because the customers create the content for you." (Mobile Marketer)

Barcodes in swanky watch ads

High-end Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer has been including 2D barcodes in their print ads targeting wealthy travelers. The ads, which have appeared in swanky travel magazines such as Hemispheres, encourage readers to visit the company’s Las Vegas boutique. This is a good example of a company smartly advertising for their target demographic, particularly since older and wealthier smartphone users are reportedly more receptive to advertising. (Luxury Daily)


What else was notable this week? See more ideas we should know about? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.


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