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Holly Richmond
Friday, Apr 08, 2011 at 11:00 AM

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If your RSS reader is overflowing (like mine), here are some highlights of this week’s notable mobile marketing posts you may have missed:


Why mobile ads should be incorporated in all media buys

To tap mobile’s full potential this year, “marketers will need to approach mobile as a channel, not a strategy,” says a new Yahoo report on mobile advertising. Integrating mobile and PC campaigns boosts brand awareness and brand favorability, the study said. Giselle Tsirulnik writes, “Fifty percent of mobile users claim they have gone on to make a purchase after researching on their device, per Yahoo. A whopping 90 percent of mobile users access the Internet while in retail locations, turning the device into a sort of shopping companion.” Wow. (Mobile Marketer)


Best practices for using mobile tagging in advertising

A helpful 10-point list of tips for a successful mobile tagging strategy. Here are a few: Know why you’re using mobile tagging, make sure your tag is big enough and that scanning is easy, and respect the white border around it. This should be required reading. (Barcode News)


The hottest trends in mobile

Good question. In a nutshell: tablets, apps, location-based services, mobile commerce and payments, and mobile content distribution. Go read the whole thing. (Mobile Marketer)


Why do we buy?

PSFK lists 10 cognitive biases that lead us to buy, from maintaining the status quo and the familiarity bias to fear of loss and post-purchase rationalization. It’ll take you back to Psych 101. (PSFK)


Barcode content that should’ve been an April Fool’s joke

“[L]ike many an April Fools’ joke, bad QR code content does more harm than good,” writes Katrina Costedio. She compares a Quilted Northern barcode she scanned in Real Simple, which led to a disappointing video ad, with Hurley’s barcode in Surfing Magazine,which led to entertaining surfing footage. The bottom line is, know your target audience and deliver content they will value. They’ll be loyal – rather than avoiding your toilet paper in the store next time. (Barcode News)


OK, what did I forget? Have more ideas? Let me know in the comments or on Facebook or Twitter.


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