Mobile Marketer Releases Outlook for 2011

Abby Wolfe
Wednesday, Feb 09, 2011 at 11:00 AM

2011 could be the breakout year for mobile marketing and advertising, according to Mobile Marketer, which recently released Mobile Outlook 2011, an excellent guide to the marketplace.

In its overview article, Mobile Marketer says, “The outlook for mobile advertising, marketing, and media is dynamite, backed by firepower from Apple, Google, Microsoft, Research In Motion, and an array of retailers and brands that get it.”

The 48-page report (.pdf file) discusses how mobile implementations will impact commerce, content, and marketing, and looks at the ways in which consumers, marketers, advertisers, brands, and other players (such as governments, associations, and operators) will be affected.

In discussing the importance of cross-platform mobile strategy, the report highlights Allure’s use of Tag as an entry point to the magazine’s annual Free Stuff Giveaway, which resulted in 444,572 scans, making it the largest mobile bar-code campaign to date.

When it comes to augmenting in-store experiences for consumers, Mobile Outlook says: “Companies such as Microsoft, Scanbuy, SpyderLynk, and Pongr bring new ideas to the table for businesses that want to keep up with tech-savvy customers.”

The authors interview Aaron Getz, general manager for Microsoft Tag, who says that “creating compelling mobile experiences is key if you want to grab your customer’s attention and help add value to their interaction with the brand. Mobile is not just another avenue for marketing, but a way to augment what people are doing in stores and with their offline advertising.”

What do you think of the report? (Download your copy.) Do you agree that 2011 is the tipping point for mobile marketing?Let us know in the Comments below, or on Tag's Facebook or Twitter pages.


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