Mobile Giving

Rachel Tamigniaux
Tuesday, Oct 11, 2011 at 10:00 AM

Mobile marketing has the advantage of capturing people in the moment, smartphone in hand. As the success of 2D barcodes has become more and more obvious in the business world, charities are beginning to recognize the abilities that a technology like Microsoft Tag has in helping them reach out in support of their cause. Mobile giving during the aftermath of such disasters as the tsunami in Japan and the earthquake in Haiti has had dramatic results. UNICEF is one example of Tag inspiring the best in their donors.

UNICEF box image

Most people recognize those iconic orange trick-or-treat boxes that UNICEF has relied on to help give aid to children around the world for the past 60 some years. Well, this Halloween, they’re going mobile. UNICEF has put Microsoft Tags on their collection boxes so that folks wishing to donate can do so directly through their mobile phones. For example, a user can scan the Tag that then links them to a mobile website allowing the user to enter their phone number and make a $10 donation.

Microsoft Tag has enabled the unique Scan to Donate technology for UNICEF's latest campaign in support of children all over the world. An expected 3.5 million of UNICEF's Tagged trick-or-treaters will be reaching out to potential donors in a few weeks. As it stands, this is likely to be one of the biggest, and hopefully most successful, scan to donate campaigns in history.

On top of the boxes, UNICEF is using an additional 14 Scan to Donate Tags across their Halloween campaign. Users will be able to see Tags on direct mail pieces, print ads sporting UNICEF spokeswoman Heidi Klum and in their Party with a Purpose kits, which provide people with the ability to collect donations at their Halloween parties (for those of us who want to support the cause but might get a few odd looks if they started going door to door). All these materials are available to download on UNICEF’s website.

Tags not only make donating easy and convenient, but the scans also provide a doorway to the kind of connection that would otherwise be simply unavailable in many forms of print media. The ability to create interactive experiences and combine that with the act of charitable giving is incredibly valuable in the field. Tag can provide access to in-depth information about a charity or a cause and can even provide examples of the good a donation is capable of doing, all by smartphone. Charitable giving can both be inspired and within easy reach with mobile giving technology.

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