Microsoft Tag Graphic Design Project

Elliott Lemenager
Tuesday, Jul 31, 2012 at 12:19 PM

Meta Menkveld has created a fantastic graphic design project using Microsoft Tag. The customization of the codes, the story behind them and the presentation of the project are worth covering. Here’s a summary of the project in Meta’s own words

"My project title is 'Everything is corn'. Because corn is in nearly every product we eat, I wanted people to realize how dependent we have become of corn (especially now the harvest of it fails). For my concept I created two layers. A visual one, with (Microsoft Tag) illustrations about corn and an invisible one with the amazing story (literally) behind corn. This second layer could only be discovered with a smartphone. I liked to use this hidden layer, because the use of corn in products is a mainly hidden world. The whole story is told behind 32 tags. Every tag tells a small part of the story."






"For the illustrations I changed the tag a bit. For my goal (to create illustrations), I found the dots of the code too big, so I tried to make them as small as possible (about 50% smaller). Also I changed the color of the dots. The white ones I turned into yellow and the black ones I turned into grey sometimes. I also tried to hide the dots of the code in the picture, so there's only an illustration (and no visible code)."



 Meta, I love your work and thanks for sharing your project with us. If you like what you see you can reach out to Meta directly on Twitter @metamenkveld

Recent Comments
  • Trish Kennedy

    08/14/2012 , 3:22 AM
    Meta, your project is wonderful - lots of conceptual depth and I like the way the digital lurks beneath the material - the digital is enhancing the material which is how it should be! I want to tag items in my library for exhibitions - I'm a teacher librarian in Sydney, Australia. How did you create your tags? Best, Trish
  • Meta Menkveld

    08/18/2012 , 3:44 AM
    Hi Trish, thank you for your compliments. I think it is a wonderful idea to use tags for an exhibition. In that way people are more actively involved with the content. To create the tags I used Microsoft Tag and transformed them in Illustrator. If you want more information you can mail me at metamenkveld@xs4all.nl, so we can discuss a little bit more about your question. Bye, Meta.
  • Ray Fleming

    08/29/2012 , 3:29 PM
    Brilliant idea. I actually just scanned one of the tags in the photos above, whilst reading the website, to look at the work, which took me into one of the stories behind the corn. So it works for people who aren't physically in the gallery too. Thanks


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