Making Magazine Ads More Engaging

Rachel Tamigniaux
Tuesday, Nov 15, 2011 at 2:00 PM

While print media is beginning to feel overshadowed by the incredible amount of digital and video content available today, Microsoft Tag brings something really special to the table. The incorporation of Tag’s digital content within a well-known, but static media such as print magazines adds an eye-catching gateway to a wealth of digital content.

women's day ad image

A magazine ad will try to convince readers of the value of a product through the presentation of flat, non-interactive information. They can be easily overlooked, ignored or forgotten. Tag takes things to another level; it engages a reader. With a quick snap of a mobile phone, a potential customer can be swept away to rich digital content such as in-depth product information, videos, promotions, reviews, coupons, contests, online stores and more. An ad that engages a customer, which really creates a memorable experience, is one that will bring in the revenue.

The ideas for using Tag to enhance advertising are just about endless. To promote a clothing line, think about how great it would be to link to a video of a runway shows or an interview with the designer. For food and beverages, Tag could provide readers with enticing recipes, suggest wine pairings or even have to place online orders for easy delivery. Car dealers can engage readers by linking to videos of the latest models, exciting features or road performance. By connecting readers to the endless creativity and interactive nature of digital content, a simple magazine ad suddenly becomes a dynamic experience that will leave your customers with your brand on their mind and their lips.

Microsoft Tag has already hit magazine stands with outstanding performance to date. Allure magazine has relied on Tag to get the word out about their August Free Stuff Giveaway. Thanks to Microsoft Tag, the publication’s contest entries increased by 38% last year. They didn’t think twice about using Tag for this year’s giveaway after last year’s success. Readers downloaded the Tag app and scanned the giveaway Tag to register. Then flipping through the magazine, readers scanned Tags that put them in the running for free goodies. Prizes included designer cosmetics, perfumes, shoes, clothing and jewelry.

Women’s Day magazine also relied on Tag to spread the word about a promotion, in this case to get the word out about Covergirl’s Simply Ageless skincare collection. Readers would scan one of the issue’s five different Tags and enter to win the Simply Ageless makeup line, as well as a $500 gift card, an iPod Touch or a gym membership.

Interactive ads within standard print media like the campaigns in Allure and Women’s Day are highly engaging and attractive to readers. In fact in a recent study in Folio, 88% of those readers said  they enjoyed the experience of watching a sponsored video embedded in an ad and 89% felt that the advertiser was “innovative” for developing the interactive ad experience. Can’t argue with those numbers.

What other ways can Tag create engagement among readers? Let us know with your comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.


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