MAG and Tag

Elliott Lemenager
Tuesday, Apr 03, 2012 at 10:49 AM
MAG, Australia's highest circulating music magazine is trying a new tact in the delivery of content to their readers. Most traditional magazines you have to cut out coupons, write down URLs to checkout an artist’s video and search online for the new album that you’re reading about in the magazine. Utilizing Microsoft Tag technology MAG is stepping out of the box and delivering all of these experiences directly to their readers via their mobile devices. Andrew Slattery from MAG explains their reasoning to implement Tag into their magazine the best “As a traditional music print magazine, we are finding it harder and harder each day to compete with online media, as to fully appreciate the music we're covering, you need to actually listen to it.”


I had a blast going through their new issue reading and scanning the 2dbarcodes they implemented. Here are some examples of the experiences that they included in their April issue.
  1.  Scan to purchase and receive a 30% discount

    Scan to purchase
  2. Scan to watch a live performance by RADIOHEAD

  3. Scan to purchase album

The most important part of this implementation is the relevancy of the 2dbarcodes to the content that is on the page. MAG has done a great job adding value to their readers and making their print magazine and interactive experience.


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