Lady Shamrock The Cow Sports A QR Code

Elliott Lemenager
Tuesday, Jul 17, 2012 at 11:55 AM

I’ve seen QR Code tattoos, QR Code augmented reality t-shirts, and even people cut their hair in a shape of a QR Code. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that a Lady Shamrock the cow is now sporting one as well.

In hopes to bring awareness of the dairy industry in the UK, Lady Shamrock the cow is wearing a QR Code on her side for farm visitors to scan. When someone scans her QR Code they’re taken to her daily diary of her life on the farm. With the depleting amount of dairy farmers in the UK  Lady Shamrock’s QR Code is being used to help educate local residents how dairy farmers produce milk.




This is a great example on the many different ways that QR Codes can be used. Even though the backend implementation is simple the QR Code tells a story and is placed in a unique place that has gained the small dairy farm cow some great exposure. BBC has picked up the story and the goal for these dairy farmers to educate the UK about what they do has been a success. So when you’re creating your next QR Code campaign it might be helpful to think outside the box on how you want to present your QR Code to your consumers.


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