Keeping it all Together

Jackie Micucci
Friday, Sep 02, 2011 at 2:00 PM

You’re at the doctor’s office and you’re flipping through a well-worn, not-so-recent magazine when you suddenly spot a recipe that you’d love to try out. So you do the old sneeze and rip routine before stuffing the clipping in your handbag. Or you’re at the grocery store and there are some tear-off recipes by your favorite brand of beans. You shove the recipe card into your coat pocket, but forget about it until a few months later when you finally wear that coat again.

Recipe mock up image

What if there was a smartphone  application that did the dirty work (so to speak) for you? This application would use Microsoft Tag as a means to store and organize related information in one place creating, in this case, a virtual recipe box. Customers shopping at supermarkets or specialty food stores could scan Tags on displays or the products themselves to collect various brands’ recipes or videos of cooking tips such as how to properly chop an onion.

The Tag could also resolve to a list of ingredients that was needed to make the recipe along with a check list so shoppers could buy what they needed immediately. Later on users could rate the recipes and share pointers.  Best of all the recipes would be in one place… no more scrounging through the pockets of your coats.

What other ways could Tag be used to gather and organize related information? Let us know with your comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.


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