Interactive CD Cases

Elliott Lemenager
Thursday, Oct 18, 2012 at 9:22 AM

If you’re a musician and you’re looking for new ways to engage your fans around your album agency Rethink has some suggestions for you. Jive Talk tasked Rethink to come up a creative and interactive experience for fans when they purchase the CD. Taking this challenge they created an online animated experience using Augmented Reality and QR codes.


For the augmented reality experience they made the CD case foldable so you could create a stage that had a AR code positioned in the center of the stage. When you scanned the AR code you were have to watch animated Jive Talk members perform their title “123 jump!” Pretty darn cool if I say so myself.


Rethink didn’t stop there, the inner booklet shows each of the four band members but with their mouths replaced with a QR Code. Upon Scanning the QR Codes, users can place their Smart Phone over the band members' mouths and watch the guys sing their music! You can remix the song by scanning the band members at different times or you can single out and listen to each member individually.


Jive Talk - 123 Jump! Album from Chairman Ting on Vimeo.


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