Hurricane Apps and Other Mobile News

Keith Caswell
Friday, Sep 09, 2011 at 10:00 AM

This week’s news roundup is a whirlwind of activity, so hunker down, sandbag the windows and curl up with this week’s mobile news:

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Scanning is easier than clipping

The number of consumers that will scan mobile coupons will increase to 9.5% this year, or about 19.8 million mobile phone users. Those numbers are predicted to jump even more significantly in the next two years, reaching 13.5% or 35.6 million people by 2013. The growth is attributed to increased adoption of smartphones and the subsequent jump in mobile web use. What does all this mean? It might be wise to consider how a mobile coupon program could help build awareness of your brand and products. (Internet Retailer)


Rock you like a hurricane

Apparently, potentially threatening natural disasters make us want to do two things: stock up on bread and water, and check our cell phones. Many companies and websites are reporting that in the lead up to Hurricane Irene’s landfall and subsequent crawl up the East Coast, mobile traffic exploded. In the case of app searches, traffic spiked by more than 2,000%! A similar spike occurred after a 5.8 magnitude earthquake hit Virginia the week before the hurricane. (Mobile Marketer)


Hit the gridiron

Earlier this week, the NFL season officially kicked off, so what better way to keep up with your favorite teams and ongoing season stats than with your mobile phone. Mashable has a list of 10 great apps for the discerning football fan, whether you’re a tail gaiting enthusiast, play fantasy football at the office or simply need the score updates every week. (Mashable)

Nothing but whippersnappers

File this under “I could have told you that.” Research says that young consumers are more likely to adopt smartphones and mobile technology than older folks. A whopping 58% of people aged 25 to 34 owned a smartphone. Only 22% of respondents between ages 55 and 64 owned a smartphone. This data and more is yet another example of market research that could more wisely guide long-term marketing strategies. (Internet Retailer)

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