How to Optimize Your Mobile Copy and More

Keith Caswell
Friday, Jun 17, 2011 at 5:30 PM



From 2D barcodes on money to Coke's barcode misstep, this week’s mobile news offerings should sate your cravings. Read on:

Advice on writing effective mobile copy

Need some snappy copy for your mobile site? Mashable has you covered with a guide on how to optimize your copy for a mobile web. First and foremost, be short and sweet: mobile screens have precious little real estate and mobile users have even shorter attention spans than traditional web users. Other nuggets of advice include making it fast, making it pretty, and testing the effectiveness of your content. (Mashable)


Oops! Coke’s mobile barcode faux pas

With mobile barcodes growing in adoption around the world, it was inevitable that household brands would jump on the bandwagon. They need some help, though, according to Roger Marquis. Soft drink giant Coca-Cola used a barcode in a recent print ad, but the code resolved to a non-mobile-optimized website with content unrelated to the content of the print ad, and with roundabout navigation. The barcode itself is very cool, with a silhouette of a Coke can in the middle, but clearly Coke is going to have to do better than that to entice mobile users to scan and to buy. (2d Barcode Strategy)

The world’s first barcode coin

If you thought there was nothing that couldn’t have a 2D barcode on it, well, you’d be right. The Royal Dutch Mint have created a silver 5-euro piece with a QR code on it that resolves to the Mint’s non-mobile website. You know, just in case you really need to visit the Royal Dutch Mint’s website for some reason. (2D Code)

Where'd barcodes come from?

From its humble beginnings on a pack of gum in the '70s to Microsoft Tag, the barcode has a storied past. Barcode News relates the history of the barcode, which actually dates back to the 1930s. (Barcode News)

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