How to Customize Your Tag's Colors

Patrick Donnelly
Monday, Jun 13, 2011 at 3:30 PM

Welcome to Tag Along with Patrick Donnelly, our new series on graphic design tips to use when creating your Tags. Each Monday, Donnelly will explain some advanced techniques on how to customize your Tags and make 'em even more good-looking. Today, he explains how to create Tags in other colors using Adobe Photoshop.

Have you ever wanted to customize your Tag beyond the black and white or process colors? Maybe you have wanted to match a code to your company colors or your personal favorite color? This short tutorial will show you how.

  1. Render your Tag as “black and white” in Tag Manager.


  2. Open your Tag in Adobe Photoshop or another photo editing program.
  3. Use the “magic lasso” tool to select a region and fill it with a color of your choice. As long as there is a significant difference between the dark color and the light color, the Tag will usually work.
  4. Use the “hue/saturation” slider to shift color values until there is a color combination you like. This is an easy way to have a Tag blend in with the look and feel of your advertisement or photo.
  5. Test the Tag to make sure it works, and enjoy!



Note: Changing the colors may affect readability, so make sure to test on a few phones before publishing. Using colors other than CMYK can also affect print quality of the final piece, depending on the size of the Tag.


Have you tried customizing your Tag's colors? Let us know in the comments below or on Tag’s Facebook or Twitter pages.


Patrick Donnelly is the creative producer for 2ergo, an international mobile business and marketing solutions company.


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