How Tag Helps You Measure Your Mobile Campaign

April Godwin
Tuesday, Nov 01, 2011 at 10:00 AM

You could spend countless hours, not to mention dollars, trying to figure out how to measure the effectiveness of your 2D barcode marketing campaign, or you could let Tag’s free analytics do the work for you. This week we’re talking about measuring the success of a 2D marketing campaigns. Tag gives you the tools to do just that.

Measured Results image

Tag Manager is a great way to help you not only create Tags, but also organize, manage and track them. With Tag Reports, you get immediate feedback on the effectiveness of your marketing campaign, making it easy to stay on top of trends and to continually fine-tune your message—all in real time.

If you already have a tracking or reporting system in place, you can use the free Tag Scan Data API to combine your scan data with your existing system to create an integrated method for managing all your data in one place.

Scan Data Reports

Tag Services automatically captures a variety of useful marketing data such as how many times your Tags are scanned, how many scans your Tags receives during a specific time frame and where your Tags are scanned. Tag Manager then takes all that raw data and transforms it into these easy-to-read reports:

  • Interactive Map
  • Daily Scans
  • Scan Totals
  • Scan Totals By Category
  • Daily Scans (Multiple Tags)
  • Daily Scans (Category Totals)
  • Daily Scans (Compare Categories)

You can find out where your marketing efforts are having the biggest impact with Tag’s interactive maps. A quick glance at the map shows you where your Tags are getting the most action. The biggest and darkest circles are the hottest spots on the map, making it easy for you to pinpoint the best locations for ramping up your marketing campaign and for modifying it.   

Tag Manager makes it easy to organize your Tags into categories.  Simply click to create new categories and add your Tags. After organizing your Tags, you can generate scan reports based on your categories. For example, you can see a report that shows you the total number of scans for each of your categories or you can compare the total number of daily scans for each category.

Your Data In Action

Let’s say you’re running three promotions at the same time, and for each promotion you have Tags incorporated into posters, flyers and product labels. All of these materials are spread out over a large geographic area.

At the end of the first day, you log into Tag Manager and take a look at the Heat Map. There are plenty of warm spots on the map, but it’s easy to see that you’re getting a huge response in the greater Seattle area.

Next, you run a daily scan report and compare your three promotions. Of the hundreds of scans, you see that your favorite promotion is outperforming the other two by leaps and bounds.  

Finally, you run a report to see which individual tags are getting the most scans. It turns out that your poster is getting the highest percentage of scans, followed by the product label, and then the flyer.

Now you know where your promotions are stimulating interest and where they’re falling flat. And you know which materials are the most effective.  You can use this information to modify your current promotions so they’re even more effective and you can use it to help plan your next ones.

Tag Scan Data API

For large campaigns, or advance users, Tag Scan Data API is a great way to manage Tag data. (We’ll have a little more about that on “How to” Thursday.) It works in conjunction with your existing reporting systems and tools to simplify the process of measuring the effectiveness of your campaign.

Use it to retrieve scan data in real time and then, the sky’s the limit. You can create your own custom reports, access additional metrics not available in Tag Manager, keep all your data in one place and automate your processes.

Tag provides the tools you need to measure the success of your marketing campaigns. Tag manager shows you where your efforts are paying off and where you could cut back. Tag Scan Data API helps you manage your scan data and customize your Tag experience.

You did your research, you developed your budget, you identified your target audience and you put everything into motion. Your marketing campaign is out there, right now, producing results. Measure those results and create more effective campaigns with Tag.

What Tag tools do you find the most helpful for measuring your mobile marketing campaign? Let us know with your comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.


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