How Publishers Can Go Mobile with Mygazines

Jackie Micucci
Thursday, Nov 17, 2011 at 3:00 PM

This week we’ve been talking about the publishing industry and how both digital and mobile have affected traditional print publications. As more people get their information from a variety of devices, it’s important for publishers to capture their readers wherever they are. Creating mobile options for those readers is key. One way to do that is to have digital editions that are available in multiple formats. Enter Mygazines and Microsoft Tag.

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“Our solution is working with people who have worked with a PDF or a print version of a publication or document and trying to make it an engaging online experience,” says Randy Frisch, COO of Mygazines. “Some people will say, well, I already have digital, I have a PDF. The problem is a PDF is a very offline experience. It’s not very easy to add engaging elements such as a social media tool. A PDF is a very flat experience.”

What Tag Mygazines integration does is allow publishers to create 2D barcodes using Mygazines web-based software that links to interactive mobile reproductions of magazines and newspapers, as well as catalogs, flyers, brochures, manuals, white papers, etc. The Tags can link readers to breaking news, behind-the-scenes videos, promotions, contests or be used to transfer an article onto their smartphone so they can read it at their convenience.

“People are so connected with their mobile devices and they have scanning capabilities provided by those devices,” notes Frisch. “They can easily scan something with a Tag and engage with that enhanced content experience. Tag gives them an easy entry point into the digital world.”

Beyond that, the experience that publishers provide to their readers can be fine-tuned and measured. “Most important,” notes Frisch, “is that you can track engagement and tweak the content to be a more effective tool for you.”

In addition, Mygazines gives publishers a unique URL that could also be a subdomain of their URL; for example, brochures.yourcompanyname.com. So the total brand experience doesn’t have to be compromised.

When magazines do provide digital and mobile content, they need to let their readership know. One of the big mistakes publishers make with their digital editions is not telling their readers they exist or where to find them. “One of the biggest challenges is publishers not using the print edition to tell readers that they have a digital edition,” says Frisch. “Put it on the front cover of the magazine to educate your readers that you have a digital edition.”

Using Mygazines with Tag gives readers a bridge to all their devices while creating multiple ways to build engagement. What do you think about Mygazines? Let us know with your comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.


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