How Can Tags Help You Stay Healthy?

Holly Richmond
Tuesday, Jun 28, 2011 at 11:58 AM



Tag is popping up everywhere from Health magazine to discussions about product recalls, which got me thinking about how mobile tagging can help people stay healthy:

Fitness. Gyms could use Tags in lieu of an old clipboard and a sign-in sheet for a faster, 21st-century way for people working out to check in. They could even tie in mobile coupons and special promotions, like getting a free protein drink if you work out every day for a week.

Product packaging. Tags on vitamin bottles or protein powder (again with the protein! I know!) could connect people with a mobile site with nutrition info or health shake recipes.

Magazines. Photos just don't cut it if you're trying to understand how to do that miraculous new sit-up/push-up/lunge thing. Publications like Health, yoga magazines, biking magazines, or even Cosmo could save valuable print real estate by including a Tag that links to how-to videos – that way it's even easier for readers to actually get 7-minute abs or envision the salute to the sun.

Food origins. With tainted eggs, spinach, and more sporadically hitting supermarkets, using Tag to tell shoppers where their food came from (like Whole Foods did) can allay consumer fears and provide more info than can fit on the side of an egg carton.

How else can mobile tagging help you stay healthy? Share your thoughts in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter.


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