High Mobile Browsing Times and Other News

Keith Caswell
Friday, May 27, 2011 at 7:00 AM

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A dash of mobile marketing news is important for a well-balanced diet, so eat up:

When people use mobile internet most

Wake up to mobile trends: A German study has found that web browsing on mobile phones peaks in the morning before work, late at night after work, and most significantly on Sunday evenings. Therefore, as an advertiser, it may be wise to target those early birds and night owls. (GoMo News)

Mobile tagging pulls an all-nighter

How would you like to spend an entire night in the empty New York Public Library? It’s not as spooky as it sounds – at least not for the 500 people who recently did so for a mobile scavenger hunt. The objects to find were labeled with mobile barcodes that would “unlock” them, sending participants in a late-night excursion throughout the building. (Wall Street Journal)

Gaga for 2D barcode games

In more mobile scavenger hunt news, Lady Gaga has partnered with Starbucks to create a game that encourages coffee-drinkers and little monsters alike to scan barcodes and solve clues to win prizes. The barcodes bring players to “certain blogs and Starbucks digital properties” and encourage them to “decode cryptic messages and put their math, logic, reading and pop culture thinking caps on.” And at least you don’t have to lose any sleep for this one. (Mashable)

An egg-ceptional display

Trade in your boring trade show booth for a mobile-optimized fount of information! At the Fitbloggin’ Conference in Baltimore, one blogger was impressed to see Eggland’s Best using 2D barcodes to link trade show goers to the company’s Facebook, newsletter, website, and nutritional information. (Branding & Marketing)

The right way to be an early adopter of 2D barcodes

Roger Marquis over at 2D Barcode Strategy recently wrote about some dos and don’ts of mobile tagging for early adopters, like – first and foremost – provide the consumer with value, regardless of that value’s relationship to your product or service. It has to be “worth the consumer’s time and effort to scan the code in the first place.” (2D Barcode Strategy)


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