Hey, Bands - Reward Your Fans!

Nick Martin
Friday, Jul 15, 2011 at 4:00 AM

Do you plan on hitting the road this summer to see some of your favorite bands in action? If you are, maybe you’ll see your favorite artist putting Tag to use. For this week’s mockup, we thought we’d shine a light on how bands can use Tag to reward their fans for their loyalty.

Attending a concert can be a big investment for music fans. In addition to spending money on tickets and transportation to the event, attendees often want a keepsake to remember the experience. In my opinion, if you’re a band and you know your most loyal fans are going to be purchasing merchandise to support the music you create, why not reward them with something special?

Band mock-up

Give a gift that keeps on giving

A well-placed Tag on a t-shirt or other merchandise can lead fans to exclusive content, giveaways, or even a chance to purchase tickets to an upcoming show. If a band wants to take that idea a step further they can tap into Tag’s Device ID feature and send users to a different offer depending on the number of times a person scans. Imagine scanning once and being routed to a video, the next scan sends you to a tour schedule, and on your fifth scan you get taken to a free music download or tickets! This approach would allow bands to reward their most engaged fans with the best offers and keep fans engaged long after purchasing the merchandise.

Right place, right time

Taking a hit to the wallet just to sit in the nose-bleed section is often the price loyal fans have to pay to catch their favorite artist in action. Using the Real Time Location feature, bands can transform a ticket stub or T-shirt into a portal for a free album download when scanned at the event - if the merchandise is scanned outside the event, the same Tag can link to a Facebook page or some other experience instead. After all, if I’m late on rent because I chose to support my favorite band the least they can do give me something for showing up, right?

Help fans sell the band

Fans that wear concert T-shirts are begging to share their taste for music with others. Bands can give their fans a hand when raving about the experience they had a concert by letting others scan to learn more about the band. With Device ID bands can deliver different content to the owner of a T-shirt than it does everyone else.

Do you think Tag is a good fit for the music scene? Let us know in comments or on Facebook or Twitter.


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