Guinness QR Code Cup

Elliott Lemenager
Tuesday, May 22, 2012 at 9:39 AM

For you beer lovers out there here’s a tech blog post that you’re going to love. Guinness has just recently released a QR code cup that is spackled with white squares. When you fill the glass up with Guiness the dark beer fills in the negative space that the white squares don’t cover and voila! A QR Code appears on the cup.


Guinness QR Code 

After last week;s 9 Clear Ways To Boost QR Code ROI this Guinness QR Code cup follows almost all of the key factors listed in the post to create a successful QR Code campaign. Not only is the QR Code highly targeted to Guinness’s audience but they also created a back end experience that will update a scanner’s Facebook and Twitter status, delivers downloadable coupons, and give access to exclusive Guinness content. My favorite part of this campaign is the branding that is delivered through the QR Code. If you fill the glass up with a lager from one of their competitors the QR Code won’t scan because the beer isn’t dark enough. My hat is off to Guinness and their new found QR Code campaign. I also want to give a shoutout to Robert Abiera ‏for giving us a heads up on this great campaign.

If you haven’t created a QR Code yourself test it out here with the Microsoft Tag QR Code Generator.


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