Gucci I-Sport QR Codes

Elliott Lemenager
Tuesday, Jun 26, 2012 at 10:48 AM

Gucci the Italian fashion giant has released a new watch line called the I-Gucci Sport collection. To promote their new watch line Gucci decided to use QR Codes allowing consumers to virtually experience the features of new watches. After scanning one of the QR Codes you’re taken to an optimized mobile site where you can watch video, view images of the different watches and most importantly actually experience the different features of the watches.



To distribute their QR Codes to the masses Gucci is using their social media channels to place the QR Codes in front of the public. Intelligently, they’re using images of the watches to be shared on the social web not just a standalone QR Code. Each image of the I-Gucci sport watches have a QR Code at the top right hand corner where viewers can scan to test the specific functionalists of that watch. Try it yourself in the images below!


Guccie I-Sport Watch Qr Code


 Guccie Blue I-Sport Watch QR Code


Gucci I-Sport Watch QR Code Orange 


I have to tip my hat to Gucci with this implementation. Instead of just creating a static back-end experience they’re allowing users to virtually experience the product through their smart phones. If you’re using social media to drive discussion around your product it’s smart to allow people to experience your product for themselves. This doesn’t only help extend conversations and avoid misrepresentation of your product but helps to drive a deeper understanding of your product.



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