Geolocation Enabled QR Codes

Elliott Lemenager
Thursday, Apr 12, 2012 at 10:16 AM

Real Time Location QR Code 


Real Time Location (RTL) adds a major creative element to your marketing messaging by letting you customize the mobile experience based on the consumer’s geographical location. By incorporating location awareness in your QR Codes you can deliver messages targeted to the location where the consumer is at the time of the interaction. The Real Time Location feature returns updated results each time a QR Code is scanned, so that consumers receive a current, relevant mobile experience as they move from place to place.


In addition to making your message more relevant, you can also make it part of a conversation. Think of it as being able to use one QR Code like a series of breadcrumbs, each leading closer to your goal, whether it’s attracting visitors to an event, selling shoes, or promoting your restaurant.


For example, if you’re targeting customers for your restaurant, you could put an RTL-enabled Tag barcode on your newspaper ads, pass-along menus, promotional coupons, and so on. When someone scans your Tag on any of these materials, it could provide a special offer and a map to your closest location. Once in your restaurant, you could have the same Tag printed on your menu, coasters, or table tents. Scanning those Tags could offer daily specials or enter customers in online promotions.


This probably isn't the best example but here's a geolocation enabled QR Code for you to scan. I created this quickly for this blog so it's a simple experience (showing you where the closest Chrysler dealership is in your area) but  at least it gives you something to try out. 


geolocation qr code


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  • Lee

    04/16/2012 , 1:00 PM
    Good ideas for using geo-location (RTL) with QR codes which may be applied to numerous business models.


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