Ficci Film Festival Uses Microsoft Tag

Elliott Lemenager
Thursday, Mar 15, 2012 at 10:51 AM

Ficci film festival in Colombia caters to Caribbean and South American film makers and movie goers. With more than 100 films, documentaries, short films and art videos, Ficci is an important and prestigious cultural event. This year, the Festival looked into new way to involve its audience. By leveraging Microsoft Tag technology the Ficci film festival provided instant access to interactive media by placing Tags on across the event.


Ficci film festival 


Once a Microsoft Tag was scanned movie goers could surf the Ficci mobile site, download schedules, read plots, receive information about events and find movie theater locations.


In addition, Microsoft Tags were also placed at the exit of each movie theater to connect movie goers to Ficci social profiles and let them like on Facebook, leave comments, follow the Festival on Twitter or start a social conversation using a #hashtag.


The project was executed by mediaki.it a Microsoft Tag featured partner. The web agency graphically customized FICCI Tags and designed and developed the mobile site.


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