Enhance Election Posters with Tag

Holly Richmond
Friday, May 06, 2011 at 11:00 AM

Class President Tag Mockup


Kids these days and their cell phones, am I right? It would be hard to tell where one ends and the other begins, except that human flesh rarely has buttons on it. But I digress.


Using Tag on what originally was a run-of-the-mill school election poster can enhance it by adding a digital element, helping engage passersby who might not know why a certain candidate deserves the vote. Scanning the Tag on a campaign poster, which could be customized with the person's initials or face, could take the user to a video of the candidate explaining just why he deserves to win.


It's the next best thing to talking to voters directly. It's also an easier way to get the candidate's message and charisma right in front of her peers than writing a long URL on the poster with the fleeting hope that someone will remember it and type it in. And using Tag means it's easy to track how many people are scanning the barcode, perhaps foreshadowing the results on election day.


Tags can also enhance posters if you're campaigning to be the head of your neighborhood association or president of your pinochle club (hey, who knows?). Would you scan a Tag on a campaign poster? If you're running for office, are there other ideas that could give you an edge? Say yay or nay in the comments below or tell us your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter



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