Earth Day and Mobile Tagging

Keith Caswell
Friday, Apr 22, 2011 at 10:00 AM



Earth Day is upon us once again and what better way to celebrate our humble home planet than to talk about how Tag can help you reduce waste? There are innumerable ways that businesses and individuals can use Tag to cut down on natural resources, because we use a lot (68 million tons of paper annually, according to the EPA).


For example, Tag could help reduce the amount of printed materials that companies burn through by replacing their printed marketing and advertising materials with Tags that linked to digital assets. Also, think about how much paper and money a company like IKEA would save on assembly instructions if they used Tags, linking them to a mobile-optimized website full of their iconic line drawings of smiling figures assembling their newly purchased furniture.


Another suggestion we've discussed is sustainable packaging that grows! Your company could use a Life Box for product packaging with a handy Tag on the side for instructions on how to “plant” the box and grow the seeds that are laced into the cardboard. Your product gets into the hands of your customers while actually helping the environment. Everybody wins!


What are your Earth Day suggestions for how Tag can reduce waste and help create a more healthy and happy planet? Are there more ways to use Tag that'd save resources? Let us know in the comments below or on Tag’s Facebook and Twitter pages.


Photo: Sustainable Initiatives Fund Trust via Flickr


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