Developer Builds Elegant Tag Manager

Nicole Peterson
Monday, Jul 11, 2011 at 9:46 PM

We sat down with JayCee Botha, a software developer from South Africa who has been using Tag at his software company Timeless Dataworks. JayCee developed an ingenious Mobile Tags Management (MTM) system, which allows his customers to create and manage their Tags directly from their computer. To do this, JayCee assigned a unique key to a Tag in his database; his customers install his MTM software and are passed their relevant unique Tag keys. His customers can then create Tags in different sizes and formats automatically from their desktops – JayCee also created specific modules that deliver particular mobile experiences that his customers can link to.

MTM Screenshot   

African gospel singer Nedine Blom has been using JayCee’s MTM system in her latest album for children to announce tour dates. Listeners can scan the Tag on the inside of her CD to find out where they can next see her live. Her promotions department uses JayCee’s Tour Date Schedule Content Management module to easily update the tour dates and keep the content behind the Tag fresh.

JayCee image

JayCee is a frequent contributor to our Fan Page; engage with him there to find out more about his MTM system or to let us know in comments. What other ways would you use the MTM system to manage your Tags?


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