Design Tips: Making Large or Rotated Tags

Patrick Donnelly
Monday, Jun 20, 2011 at 10:53 AM

Welcome to week 2 of Tag Along with Patrick Donnelly, our series on graphic design tips to use when creating your Tags. Each Monday, Donnelly will explain some ways to customize your Tags. Today’s tips are two simple ideas that could have a big impact on your composition or ad.

Tip 1: Tags can be rotated

Tags can be rotated 90 degrees or displayed at an angle without taking away from the scannability of the code itself. Technically Tags are not square, so rotating them can make them seem to fit better within a landscape composition. Also the white lines inside the code can seem less distracting within a composition if they are oriented parallel to design elements within your composition, if you have a vertical ad.





Tip 2: Tags can be bigger

It's OK for Tags to be the focus of your ad. For some reason, Tags are usually used by print designers as an afterthought and placed, very small, in the corner. Increasing the size could lead to more scans and more interactions on your mobile website or mobile user experience. Since a 2D barcode enables a scannable call to action, why not have it prominently displayed in your print ad or packaging? Bigger codes also allow for more flexibility for customization and level of detail.




What graphic design techniques would you like to learn how to use with your Tag? Let us know in the comments below.

Patrick Donnelly is the creative producer for 2ergo, an international mobile business and marketing solutions company.


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